• Dream 2 Achieve will review each applicant’s profile to get a more comprehensive look at your organization, youth program, sport, or individual need.

  • Must directly serve youth aged 4-18 years old

  • Must be located and serve youth within Dream to Achieve's target communities around San Diego County. We are working hard to expand to as many regions as possible.

  • Demonstrate that an equipment grant would impact the organization or individual youth in one of the following ways: help to develop a new program, increase the number of participants in an existing program, decrease the overall cost of the program for youth/families, and/or enhance the experience to retain youth in program or the individual/family.

  • Must be operating or involved in an organized sport, fitness and/or recreation program (not necessarily competitive), but must have coaching, be structured, and meet one to multiple times per week.

  • Should demonstrate significant dosage of sports and/or recreation time (i.e. programs that meet for a longer duration or multiple times per week will be prioritized over programs that meet minimally)

  • At this time we do not provide equipment for short term events such as many camps and tournaments. In addition, we do not provide equipment for recreation rooms; however, fitness equipment, camping/hiking gear and organized social games with a fitness component that meet other criteria will be considered.

If your inquiry meets these requirements please take the next steps and download the forms below. Please Print & Complete them.

Right Click Form Link and select "Save target as" or "Save link as".  All forms are in Adobe PDF Format.

Equipment Grant Application

A fully completed application is required to be considered for a sports equipment grant. After you complete the application, please scan it and e-mail it back to dream2achieve208@gmail.com. We will confirm we received your application within 48 hours, and have the processing completed in 3-5 days.

If equipment grant is needed for more than a single individual, you may required to complete an evaluation form to help Dream 2 Achieve understand the impact of the equipment donation on your program.  Failure to complete an evaluation form may make your program ineligible for equipment donations in the future.

You may be asked to coordinate site visits with Dream 2 Achieve staff for more in-depth interviews/evaluations